Suisun City

Suisan City is a small town located in the Solano County of the city. The town gets its name from the Suisan Bay which is located adjacent to it. It is named after the Suisan people, who were a Native-American tribe that lived in the area. The Suisun City has a total area of over 4.2 square miles and lies adjacent to the Suisan Marsh, which is the largest contiguous estuarine marsh remaining on the west side of North America. The town experiences a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. The population of the town is diverse and includes African Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Asians, and other races. A majority of the population here lives in households.

Established in the 1850s, Suisun City’s favorable location provided opportunities for transport and commerce during the California Gold Rush. The town experienced massive growth as the San Francisco Bay Area’s suburban circle expanded to the previously rural Solano County. In the 1960s the Interstate 80 was contrasted, which helped effectively move the commercial traffic from the town’s railway and water conveyance. The schools in both the Suisan City and Fairfield are run by the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District.

The Lambrecht Sports Complex of Suisun City is an 80-acre sports complex that had opened for the public in 1994. This large scale facility provides adequate field space for a variety of sports activities. The popular Suisun City Marina provides around 160 rental berthing ships along with a 300 ft. guest dock and boat launch ramps. The Suisun Channel also provides deep-water access for the most recreational and enjoyable boats, giving direct access to the California Delta and San Francisco Bay. The Suisun March is one of the largest contiguous wetland preserves in the country. The channel and the march provide the best striped bass fishing. It also includes picturesque sightseeing, bird-watching, cruising, water skiing, jet skiing, boating and a host of other water activities. The area is also lined with restaurants and other amenities.

The town’s Nelson Center runs its community events. The Suisun City Recreation and Community Serviced Department operate nine neighborhood and community parks alongside the Lambrecht Sports Complex. The parks under its wing include City Hall Point, Mike Day Park, Goepp Park, Hall Park, Harbor Plaza, Heritage Park and more. These parks include turf areas, public art sculptures, playgrounds, picnic areas, soccer fields, basketball courts, gazebos, BBQ areas and walking trails. The Lawler Falls Park includes a three-level pond with waterfall. In the town, there is an active adult community center known as the Suisun City Senior Centre. It hosts community members of age 50 years and older.

The town is also in close proximity to wineries like Wooden Valley Winery and Seven Artisans Winery which boast great wines tasting selections, music, and lively ambiance. The town also includes an array of cafes, eateries, bars and stores.

The Fairfield and Suisun Transit provides the general public bus service in the area. The Suisun-Fairfield Amtrak station is also of service here.